Web Design

Whether you a looking to update your old, out-of-date website or creating one for the first time, we will help find the best design for you or your company. We will work with you and find the correct colors, font, pictures, and layouts that fit your website needs.

Web Development

After the details have been decided, CelTech will bring your creation to life. Your new website will be organized and easy for users to navigate. We always use clean and proper coding techniques.

Social Media Integration

In today's society, it is very important to advertise or market yourself trough social media as this is a large population one can not ignore. We will help you integrate your name through all of the popular, current social medias.

Web Analytics

One great way to keep up with the traffic visiting your site is to incorporate Google Analytics. This tool will keep track of who is visiting and where they are visiting from. It will give you up to date graphs and statistics about your sites population.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Probably the most effective way to drive users to your site is to have a great search engine rating. This means having your site placed high up on the results page of popular search engines. CelTech practices the best techniques to keep your domain scoring high.

Maintenance and Support

OK, your website is fully built and live on the web. Now what? You know you will be needing to update in the future. No problem. CelTech will continue to meet your website's needs for whatever updates you need. Whether this is a day-to-day update, or the occasion tweak, just let us know.

Custom Email Address

One way to look more professional is to have your own email address. Try, for a very personal feel. Email address may also be made for other users of the site.

Web Advertisements

Maybe you are looking to make a little bit of money off of your site as well. One great way to do this is to add advertisements to strategic location to your site. Whether they are advertisements from other companies, or generated from Google, we will add them if you wish.

Photo Gallery

Have a ton of pictures you would like to display to the world? Get them all organized into custom made image galleries to present anywhere on your new site.

Video Library

Likewise, do you have video you would like to share with your visitors? Use the most popular social media sites to spread your personal movies to the populous and give your website a bit more creativity.